Getting Women Into The Wrestling Room

Once you get an athlete into the practice room, good coaches can not only teach them how to wrestle, but also get an athlete to fall in love with the sport. Hood River, Oregon has the most women within their club team than any other club in the country. How did they do it?

Here are some tips from Hood River Head Coach Trent Koll on how to get more girls in your practice room!

#1: Recruit In Pairs

Encourage New Females To Bring A Buddy. Promise Incoming Girls The Opportunity To Not Have To Wrestle Guys.

#2: Define The Clothing Expectations

i.e.: Long Shorts Are Okay And Volleyball Shorts Are Not Mandatory. Compression Shirts Can Be Worn Under Singlets.

#3: Attitude & Opinion Of The Coach Toward Girls On The Team

Coaches Need To Convey Positive And Open To All Message To Incoming Athletes. Coaches Should Promote These Same Positive Attitudes And Opinions Within Their Program.

#4: Remember Background In Martial Arts Is Good

i.e.: Jiu-Jitsu, Judo

#5: Provide Adult Women Role Models To Look Up To

Identify Top Athletes Within The Sport Or Former Athletes Who Have Come Through A Similar Environment. Females Should See The Future Opportunities In The Sport And Also Know They Are Not Alone.

#6: Know The Fine Line Of Treating Girls On The Team As Equals, But Knowing That They Can Sometimes Need Different Motivators And/or Support.

Understand that communication can be processed and perceived differently by each athlete. Find what works best for each of your athletes.

#7: Teammates Need To Be Inviting

Teammates Should Be Encouraging To Incoming Athletes i.e.: Not Bragging About How They Are The Only Ones Who Could Possibly Make It Through A Practice Do To Difficulty.

#8: 1st Practice Ever Should Be A Lower Intensity Practice  

You Want Incoming Athletes To Attend An Introduction Or Clinic Practice. Easing From A September Or October Pre-Season Practice Versus A Hard Contact And Highly Technical Practice.