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It started with 6 states sanctioned and look at the growth!




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The first World team practice for the Unites States women's wreslting, in 1989, consisted of two wrestlers and one coach. Ever since, it's been a long, adversity-filled battle for women's wrestling to become established on the international scene. From pioneers Afsoon Roshanzamir, Tricia Saunders and Kristie Marano to current stars Adeline Gray and Helen Maroulis, heroes have emerged in a battle to overcome stereotypes, discrimination and other obstacles to become a fixture in the Olympic program. Twelve years after the U.S. nearly had its first Olympic champion, Maroulis came through in 2016 to knock off arguably the greatest female wrestler of all time - Japan's Saori Yoshida. It showed that gold medal dreams can come true. This book tells the story of the trailblazers - and the new breed they inspired.

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